Internet and Kids

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If your kids under the age of 12 are using internet at home, then you should be very careful about it because internet contains many varieties of contents that are inappropriate to your kids. So you should take necessary steps to prevent your children from watching that inappropriate websites purposely or accidentally. You can prevent your kids from websites including porn and malware contents by blocking them completely. The blocking can be done by installing some software programs.

Internet filtering software

The internet filtering software, that are designed to filter unwanted contents are GoMcGruff or Net Nanny. You can download and install these programs on your computer. The programs charge a fee for giving you the license key. After installing that program, set a password for that program and the password should be protected. You can set your own filtering criteria by setting the type of the websites to be blocked. If you blocked a website mistakenly, then you can reset by typing the password. So it helps the parents very much in blocking the websites that are inappropriate to their kids.

Web filter software

The web filter software helps you to restrict some websites for your computer. It enables your children the productive and the safe use of the web. It also prevents receiving or sending any inappropriate contents through the internet. The web control software is the great tool of parental control. The advantages of web filter software are

  • Blocks access to unwanted website

  • Helps to monitor your kid’s browsing activities

  • Provides safety for your children on internet

  • Prevents your kids from online predators

There are many benefits to using the internet

There are many benefits to using the internet

You can also set the time of browsing for your kids by using this web filter software. By installing this web filter software on your computer, there is no need for the parents to sit with their children while they are using internet. The parents can do their own work without any fear and peace of mind. The web filter software gives you additional safety about your child’s browsing and relieves your stress. There is also some free web filter software available.

1. We blocker

It is a type of web filter software that can block thousands of websites from your computer. You can download this program by entering your email address. It can be used for blocking websites that are inappropriate for the children by their parents.

2. B Gone

It is a type of web filtering software that blocks the pop ups of porn websites. It blocks the websites based on the keywords.

3. K9 web protection

It is a free web filtering software for your personal use and you have to pay a fee for your business use. If you want to permit a blocked page, then you have to enter the password on that blocked page.

Web filter software can make the Internet safer for children, young people and yourself. Here is a selection of useful programs

Web filter software can make the Internet safer for children, young people and yourself. Here is a selection of useful programs

4. Naomi

It blocks all the indecent images and contents and the websites related to drugs and gambling. So it is a parent friendly web filter software for blocking certain websites. It detects and then blocks the pron and the malware contents.

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How To Be Sure He Is The One For You?

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For men, this might not be so complicated to answer as they tend to not think so much about life decisions. If things happen, then things happen. That is how they take stuff. But women, everything needs to be perfect, especially if it is their wedding they are talking about. So, just how does one know if he is the one for her?

1. He is the one when you can’t seem to find someone else better than or as good as him. This is when you tried to hang out with other guys just to test your feelings but at the end of the day, you would want to spend it with him.

2. He is the one when you are so comfortable to be around him. No pretending, to shaky moments when you doubt his intentions. Now, this is not in a mental level. This is more into intuition. You see, a guy might be there for you emotionally and shows you all the right moves but if you are not comfortable to just lean on him or just be around him for no other reason, then he is not the one. The person you will marry is someone you might think you are too stuck up and you fear you will get bored because you are just so comfortable to be around him is probably the guy you will end up lying in bed with for the rest of your life.

The Big Mistake Women Make That Can Push A Man Away And Make Him Withdraw

The Big Mistake Women Make That Can Push A Man Away And Make Him Withdraw

3. He is the one when you don’t get to bang yourself to the wall just to make things work out. If you are too stressed out with the relationship because nothing seems to be going smoothly towards the altar, then you are not with the right guy. Sure, you’d still probably end up marry him but if you put in so much effort just to be with him, you’ll end up putting more effort to stay with him. In the end, something will lose and the marriage will eventually fall apart. So if you are with someone who naturally blended in with you and there is no too much drama just to be with each other, then you have it good with the one you can be with for a lifetime.

4. He is the one for you when he accepts you as who you are. If your guy let’s you be whoever you want to be or whatever you want to do, then you are with the right guy. This person might not agree with what you do all the time or he might not be able to support you on some of your advocacies, if you have any, but still stick with you no matter what, then he is the right one for you.

Have You Found “The One”?

Have You Found “The One”?

If the guy next to you now do not judge you and hold you if you are feeling down to help you uplift yourself once more, then he is your guy. Oh, he will still be a pain at times. But you see if a guy who can’t seem to tolerate other people’s mistakes yet when it comes to you, he can’t seem to find it in him the annoyance he usually felt if you commit mistake as others do, then he loves you the way you are. This is the kind of person you can grow old with and be silly with. This is the one guy you would want to marry.

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Ditch That Smoking Habit for Good

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Most smokers who want to quit find out eventually that it is never easy. Knowing this, the tips listed below may be helpful only if dedication, discipline and commitment are fully considered.

A powerful but cautious resolve is needed

  • You should have a very powerful and personal reason for quitting. This is to get you motivated. Knowing that it is harmful for you isn’t good enough. It could be that you want to look and feel younger, you are scared of getting lung cancer or you want to protect your family from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Whatever it is, your reason should be strong enough to overcome the urge to smoke

  • Trying to go cold turkey won’t usually work. Many people who attempt this without proper medication or therapy end up relapsing. This is due to nicotine addiction in which the brain becomes so used to having nicotine that it actually craves for it. Symptoms of withdrawal often occur when you try to quit outright.

Support is necessary

  • When you do feel the withdrawal symptoms, it can be frustrating and depressing. Nicotine-replacement therapy can help reduce these irritating feelings. There are studies that show that nicotine-replacement in the form of lozenges, gums or patches can greatly increase the chances of quitting successfully, especially when used together with an intensive behavioral program.

  • You may ask your doctor about prescription medications to help quit without using products containing nicotine. These help reduce the cravings and some even help reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

  • Tell your family or friends that you are trying to quit. Their encouragement and accountability could help you make a difference. You may also try to join a forum or a support group. Or you may talk to a counselor.

The Smoking Habit

The Smoking Habit

Be Vigilant

  • One of the reasons why people smoke is to relieve stress. Nicotine helps them relax. Once you quit, you will need another means to cope with stress. So if possible, avoid stressful situations once you have decided to quit. Then try listening to relaxing music, learning yoga or tai chi, or getting regular massages when you do get stressed.

  • Some activities may trigger your urge or craving to smoke. Drinking alcohol is one, so try drinking less when you first quit. Avoid other triggers too. For example, if you usually smoke after meals, do something instead like chewing gum. If drinking coffee boosts your urge to smoke, drink tea instead.

  • Get moving because physical activity helps reduce nicotine cravings and eases withdrawal symptoms. You may go jogging or simply walking the dog or doing some gardening. Even mild activities are still helpful.

  • Get rid of anything that will remind you of smoking or of cigarettes. Throw away your lighters and ashtrays. Use air fresheners to get rid of the familiar odor in your home. Wash any clothes that smell like smoke.

Using Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

Using Acupuncture to Quit Smoking

Reward and Reinforce

  • By quitting, you will have saved some money. Reward yourself by spending it on something memorable and fun.

  • Never give up. Try again and again. As stated earlier, relapses are common and many smokers try several times before actually succeeding. Carefully examine the circumstances that made you relapse and use it to reaffirm your commitment to quit smoking. Then set another target date of quitting for the next week or month.  

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Sure-Fire Investment Secrets from the Gurus Themselves

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In the world of investing, there are a lot of people that are very successful. But not surprisingly, a lot of investors have lost millions of dollars because of inexperience and foolish and rational decisions. There are however, self-made millionaires through investing on Wall Street alone. They have dedicated their lives into finding the true secret on how to earn billions through investing alone. And if you are planning on investing on Wall Street, it would be better to learn from the experts: the self made gurus of the ever lustrous Wall Street.

Before embarking on your investment journey however, you must determine whether or not you are financially and emotionally stable to start. Also take note that if you are emotionally compromised, it would be hard for you to make rational decisions and choices for your investment. You must also determine where you will get your funds and finances. Once you’re all set, then you can invest on Wall Street the way professionals do it. Here are the secrets:

1. The Snowball Effect

According to Warren Buffet in his biography “The Snowball”, he believes that compounding over time is a force to be reckoned with. With investment, this means that you must start as early as possible and avoid short-term risks. It is also important for the investor to let the investment return and build upon itself.

investment secrets Some Great Tactics For Investing Capital

investment secrets
Some Great Tactics For Investing Capital

2. Margin of Safety

For Benjamin Graham, a ‘margin of safety’ means buying at a price well-below your best estimate for a stock’s intrinsic value. It is very essential for people to buy stocks that are great for selling good to great prices. This is a not well-known secret since a lot of people resort to buy stocks for the most famous companies.

3. Focus

Nothing can deter Bill Gates answer to the question on what the most important key to his success was. They are in their positions today because of their tremendous focus on analyzing stock changes and studying for trends. And this is what they do every day, without fail. It is very important for investors to be mindful that they can never become instant millionaires by being intelligent. They must also be consistent with their decisions and have a clear goal ahead of them.

4. Self-Discipline

Most successful investors would agree with this, as most reckless investors make choices that are based on famous trends rather than careful analysis of data. Also, there is a definitive system when to sell called the ratio of intrinsic value relative to price. One should sell his/her stock when the stock’s price rises to the point where its intrinsic value to price ratio is below 1.25.

Determine the Market Price of a Share of Common Stock

Determine the Market Price of a Share of Common Stock

5. Privacy is the Best Policy

For Mitt Romney, he insists on investing privately; his IRA became an estimated worth of 100$ million. Sometimes, most experts will tell you not to make investments in public or common stock markets. Most wealthy individuals use private equity investments for them to produce further diversification and very big returns.

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How to Work Your Way around Company Politics and Still Aim for a Promotion or Raise

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Handling office politics is something nobody likes to deal with; after all when you applied a job in your company, you didn’t sign up for company politics. Sadly, whether you work with a small or big company, it’s there and not likely to go away. The best thing for you to do now is simply work your way around it and if you can, through it. This may be something compromising to some people, but learning how to do it while still keeping your integrity intact is something everyone would like to know. If learned well, this may even benefit you when it’s time to ask for a raise or promotion.

Who calls the shot?

Apart from your immediate boss, who else calls the shot in your department? It would be good if you start keeping an eye on him or her, researching the kind of circle he hangs out with or finding out the kind of subordinates they prefer to work with. By knowing who these persons are, you’d have a good idea on how to “stage” your presence the office where they also might be in. If they see you quite often wherever they are, it’s likely that they will think of you as somebody they can “associate” with.

Get a raise or promotion easily!

Get a raise or promotion easily!

Please the boss

Before the bigger boss, don’t forget to set your eyes first on your big boss, the one you answer to each day. Of course, pleasing the boss doesn’t mean being at their beck and call. Please him or her by finishing your work or projects on time or by giving more than what is asked for. In other words, over deliver! Your boss will love for being a reliable employee or team player, because you make them look good. Simply put, your quality of work adds up the “praises” he or she is likely to be getting for a job well done. If your contribution to that quality of work is significant, expect your boss to remember that.


Let them take your hand but never allow them to pull your arm! For lack of better word, don’t let them suck the life out of you. Give, but don’t give all. You want to avoid being manipulated by a boss that takes in more work credit than what he or she truly deserves. Be a team member whose kind and quality of work cannot be duplicated and just hold something back to leverage your work contribution. If you do this, it will be hard for your boss to not notice.

You’re definitely feeling confident about your job if you’re dreaming about getting a promotion

You’re definitely feeling confident about your job if you’re dreaming about getting a promotion

Network, network, network

Don’t underestimate where the relationship with your co-workers may take you. You never know just who they are personally connected with that may help catapult you to the raise or promotion you are striving for. By sincerely helping them out in their own work, you can expect them to do the same for you either in terms of favor or referrals.

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